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They say it's like HS...
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20th-Apr-2009 10:01 pm - It's been awhile.

LJ Prom 2?


Which weekend? (fri-sun)

May 15-17
May 29-31
June 5-7
June 12-14

Would you be interested in making a banner/modding?

9th-Oct-2007 01:45 pm - Voting and Thanks!

banner by angelikitten

So hkath and I want to thank everyone who attended and played at the Prom from the bottom of our hearts. It was truly a memorable and fantastic experience and we're so thrilled that everyone had a wonderful time (and got to meet some super cool people that they may have otherwise not).

To the Committees: This event would have never worked out the way it did without your involvement and enthusiasm! There's no way for two people to pull it off on their own, and it is because of your contributions that the weekend was so much fun.

We have a few Prom-goers to thanks specifically:

  • delicatelight who not only participated to the point of (lovingly recieved) whorishness, but brought attention to the community weeks before by nominating us for the lj spotlight. There were a lot of new LJers who came through our doors thanks to her, and she deserves lots of love and thanks for thinking the idea was one to merit such attention.

  • superheroine, who spent a good chunk of prom making AMAZING icons for the rest of the group. That simple act made everyone whose requests she filled feel special and lovely - and there's no greater gift than that!

  • fallen_for_lost, angelikitten, gigglemonster, crickets, impala_chick, starbucks5721, restless_jedi and vaamped for the beautiful banners and headers, which brought a great deal of festiveness and organization to the party!

  • afrocurl, who was immedietly enthusiastic and put in a great deal of time making suggestions, asking for clarification and helping with the planning. She kept us on our toes and her excitement made the entire planning aspect that much more enjoyable for us.

  • angelikitten, inthekeyofd, kashmir1, punnky_kitty, breathe_me, gigglemonster and crickets (and everyone who contributed songs) for the fantastic music compilations. Music always ties people together, and thier contributions have left us all with mixes to remember the weekend by!

Now, for a special treat! angelikitten surprised both Kath and I with mementos to present to you all in memory of the LJ Prom 07! She put hours into this, guys, and made INDIVIDUALIZED BANNERS for each and every Committee Member - as well as several variations for every Prom-goer to have.

Find them all here!!!

We only ask that once you've located your goodies, that you save them and upload to your own image hosting server (if you need help with this, feel free to ask in comments!). It was BEYOND kind of her to do this and we don't want to wreck her bandwidth as thanks for her kindness!

And just HUGE THANKS to everyone again. This wouldn't have worked if no one wanted to play, so give yourselves all a round of applause and a big ol grin, because you deserve it!


Now here we go! Prom Queen! The following Prom-goers all received at least two nominations from their peers (if not more). Now's your chance to punch the ballot and crown who you believe to be most deserving!

Vote for Prom Queen!


The winner will be announced before Friday! ♥
6th-Oct-2007 11:00 pm - Bad Girls & Bad Boys.

banner by restless_jedi

Who needs to sneak off for a moment? Cuz the punch just ain't doin it for me, and even though I've seen some things that make me want to cover my eyes and run, I've seen FAR more that make me giggle and laugh. CRACK CROSSOVER PAIRINGS FTW!

So I'm gonna make my way up to the roof and light up and just go hog wild with crack comments. Cuz there are girls clawing at one another in the bathroom and I saw WHORING, actual WHORING going on in a stall and I KNOW that Penn kid is here somewhere but I haven't seen him and I've gotta tell ya...

Fun, guys! You all are making this SO. MUCH. FUN. and I couldn't be prouder!

Anyways, YES! Crack post! What's the most insane thing you've seen (or can imagine) tonight?
6th-Oct-2007 10:58 pm - LET US KISS WITH TONGUES.
don & cosmo [SITR]

header by gigglemonster (who is apparently a cylon? *gasp*)

Okay, now that we all know each other so very intimately (some more intimately than others... you know who you are!) - I think it's time to get a little frisky! I know some of your dates have already gotten the right idea. Did I hear something about Jared and Jensen in the zebra-striped stretch Hummer of Total Classiness? And a Milo and two Zachs?

ANYWAY. Comment porn away! Tell us what you're doing and TO WHOM and if you're just watching, please describe in VIVID DETAIL.

Thank you. :)
6th-Oct-2007 08:21 pm - Cattiness !

Banner by angelikitten


Who's sneakin' off to the bathroom with me? We can 'touch up our make-up' and babble about YOU-KNOW-WHO. Yeah. HER. And HIM. (doing that with hiiim! OMG)

Gossip, gossip, it's so fun!

ETA: SOOO SORRY! IP Logging is now off, so feel free to anon comment as you wish!
6th-Oct-2007 08:19 pm - Chit-Chat!

Banner by starbucks5721

Hey there! Need a break? Maybe you don't feel like dancing - but you DO feel like talking.

Here's the place. Strike up a general convo on whatever topic you'd like here. Sip some vodka-laced punch (big shout out to cruel_illusion) and just shoot the breeze.
6th-Oct-2007 03:49 pm - Step into the Photo Booth!
don & cosmo [SITR]

header by angelikitten

A lot of people have been asking for this, so here it is: show us your geeky real-prom pictures! Or your incredibly HAWT real-prom pictures, hotties!

And share whatever anecdotes or memories you wish! That bitchy popular chick in the lily white dress who got puked on... those streakers who made your gym teacher blush, WHATEVER. Tell us about it :D

You can also take a cue from freakishmuffin and show us a pic of you and your current date! Use your mad photoshop skills to put you and your date into the same frame! Or, uh, just do some hasty cut-and-pasting of heads - no one will judge :)
5th-Oct-2007 11:08 pm - The Grand Entrance!
don & cosmo [SITR]

header by crickets

Welcome to the LJ Prom '07!

You can use this post to say hi, tell us more about you and your date, show off your dress or shoes or anything else you've got that's shiny, ... and hook up with new friends and old buds! Oh, and gossip, of course!

Show us your goods! Dress and shoes and arm candy!

Tell us how you got such a catch to come to prom with you (or did they snag you?)!

Did you get a ride with anyone? Are you planning to ditch your date and make a play for Zac Efron? (hi, frances_veritas, how are you? ;)

Just chatter and have fun, guys. And don't worry about not being first to the party - it starts early and goes long so everyone (hopefully) gets a chance to play!
3rd-Oct-2007 02:21 am - icon/graphics request post
don & cosmo [SITR]
This is just to let y'all know that there is now a post here at decor_committee for any and all graphics requests.

Which means if you've got a special icon in mind that you can't create on your own, or you want some help with anything graphics related, you should go comment there!
2nd-Oct-2007 03:22 pm - Who's a pretty pretty Prom Queen?
Hi all! We just want to thank you all for being so creative and sociable in the Ticket Sales post. Check out the guest list! There are so many fandoms represented that we can't help but declare that our prom will, indeed, be the BEST PROM EVER.

Just a note that the committee communities are up and running. I know a great deal of you offered to help - and we're coming down the wire, so we could really use any amount of time that you could spare before the weekend.

  • decor_committee - Still looking for a few people to make post header graphics - and if anyone is interested in doing a quick and dirty 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil' LO for the community, have at it!
  • theljprom_music - There's some great compilations being done over there. If you have an idea for a mix, please feel free to join and collaborate and make it happen! Just remember to friends-lock!
  • theljprom_shop - There are already two posts of links up at the community, if you're looking for some direction in picking out your dress/tux. We'll be moving them over here tomorrow, or you can go check them out now. But if you have any other links, please post to that community.
  • thepepsquad - Any questions/comments/thoughts on how to keep everything running smoothly? Head on over there and brainstorm!

So that's that! Thanks again, everyone. Everything seems to be falling perfectly into place.


NOW! Prom queen and the like:

We don't really want this to be a popularity contest, but. What would Prom be WITHOUT the crowning of a Queen?

So here's how we're gonna do that.

The whole point of the event is to 1. have a good time and 2. encourage cross-fandom interaction. So the title of Prom Queen is essentially going to go to the LJer who really wants to work for it; the prom-goer who flits around and gets to know the little details about her fellow classmates and their dates.

Here's where YOU come in. Comment to this (screened) post with ONE silly little fact about your prom date. Have a template, so that we can do this nice and easy: _____________, my prom date, _______[insert fact here]____________.

It needn't be anything very deep - we're pretty much just collecting trivia to create a side game for those prom-goers who wish to vie for the title of Prom Queen.

Thank you all again, and good luck picking out dresses and the like!
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